How to Make invisible folder on Windows Computer


How to make invisible folder

You’re surprised to see the title of the Invisible folder on any Windows computer. You will think how we can create invisible folders like this. But I assure you can definitely create invisible folders and hide a folder like this after watching this tutorial. You can create this folder on desktop or any diskpart. You just have to follow these simple steps to create invisible folders. And You can also create Folder without a name to follow these steps. You can store your personal and important data inside this folder.

How to make invisible folder

First, You have to create a folder as usual. Now right click on folder and click on rename to delete text. After deleting text press the Alt key and from the num keypad press 0160.

After the right click on the folder and click properties then click on customize. Now click on the change icon that you can see in the last option.

How to make invisible folder

Choose a blank icone as you can see in the last image. Then click ok and apply this setting. Now your invisible folder is created. If you want to delete this folder you can delete this folder as you can delete a normal folder.

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