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 Hello Friends. Today I’m going to tell you about Android Device manager and how you can use it. In today’s time we can do any work very easily just because of Technology. Technology has become a part of our life. We can do many things with the help of mobile. Nowadays the use of Android phones is becoming excessive. Sometimes, You lose your phone, or it gets stolen. And you have to face a lot of trouble. But here Android provides you a feature with the help of you can easily find your phone. By the way there are a lot of applications available on the PlayStore that help you find your phone. But these applications are really not worth finding your phone. That’s why I’m going to tell you about Android Device Manager which can really help you find your phone.


What is Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a kind of help center which will help you find your lost or stolen phone. This application is provided by Google. You can easily find your phone with the help of this. It provides you with a few features these are following.


#1 Lock (Lock your Phone)

You can lock your lost or stolen phone from anywhere with the help of this feature. So that, your phone won’t be able to be used. 


#2 Erase (Erase your mobile Data) 

If your phone lost or stolen. And you know that you can’t get your phone back. And your phone has important or personal data that you want no one can see. Then you can erase all your mobile data from anywhere with the help of this feature. After clicking on Erase (Factory Data Reset), it will command your phone to erase all data. Whenever your phone will be connected to the internet, it will automatically erase all your data. But if you want to this feature on your phone then you have to activate first Google Settings> Remote Factory Resets> Active from your phone. 


#3 Ring my phone

Whenever you lose your phone you can use this feature to find your phone. You can ring your phone with the help of this feature. This will ring until the power button is pressed by anyone.


How to Use it

First, You need to install Android DeviceManager on your phone or you can go directly on this link click here with your browser. After opening Android Device Manager, login with Gmail id and password. There is one thing you need to know, you have to login with your stolen or lost phone Gmail id password on Android Device Manager. After login, you can easily see your phone in Android Device Manager. Then you can find your lost or stolen phone.

I hope this Article will help you. If you have any suggestion please comment us. We desperately need your advise. 

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