Developer Mode on Android


Developer Mode on Android

Hey guys..! If You use android phone, You must be here about Developer Mode And Maybe You would see Developer Mode in your phone settings. But Do you know what is Developer Mode and what is the use of it? Don’t Know? No problem because Today I’m going to tell you what is Developer Mode and how you can enable it or disable it.


What is Developer Mode


Developer Mode is not just only an option but it's a group of options. Who gives many advanced features for Developers. These options give us many features to control our phone. We can increase our phone’s work efficiency with help of these features. But You should have some proper technical knowledge to use some features in Developer Mode. 


How To Enable Developer Mode on Android


Generally, Developer Mode keeps hidden. That’s why we have to enable it. To enable it You have to go into your Phone settings. After this just tap on About Phone. After this tap on Software Information. You will see there a Build Number. Just Tap on Build Number 7 times. A message will be shown “Developer Mode has been Enabled”. And Your Developer mode will be enabled. And if You use Xiaomi phone then You have to tap on About phone and you will see MIUI Version. Just tap on MIUI Version 7 times. Your Developer Mode will be enabled. After enabling this Developer Mode on Xiaomi You can see your Developer Mode in Additional Settings. And if you have stock Android you will get this setting inside Advanced Setting


How to Disable Developer Mode

If you don’t want to use it and want to disable it. You can easily find a Developer Mode On or off but on top. Just Tap on off and your Developer Mode will be disabled. And If you want to enable it again you have to follow the same steps that you followed before. I hope You can enable or disable your Developer Mode in your Android phone after reading this article. 


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