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Hello Friends. As you know Facebook is the most popular social networking website. And I’m sure that You’re also using Facebook. So Today I’m going to share with you Top 10 Facebook Tricks. Maybe you know about these Facebook Tricks or maybe not. You can implement these Facebook Tricks on your profile and I assure you that your Facebook using interest will increase.  

Post Blank Status, Comment and Message on Facebook

If you use Facebook then You know that You can’t post any blank Status, Comment and message on Facebook. But you can do this, you just have to use your Computer keyboard. First, you have to keep pressing the Alt button and press 0173 from your Num Keypad. After this leave Alt button and click on Post. And you will see your status has been posted.

Disable Birthday Notifications

If you have a big friend list on Facebook then you get someone's birthday notification daily and I know it bothers you. And now you can disable it. Just follow few steps

1. Go to the Facebook Settings>> Notifications

2. Now search Birthday in setting list

3. You can turn off notification from here

Funny Tricks to confuse your Friend

This is a funny trick that you can try with your friends and relatives. Just copy this link given below and send it to your friends and relatives and said to open this

Hello please Join this - https://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363

You can replace any text from “Hello please Join this''. Whenever someone click on this link, He will

redirect to his own profile.

Use Facebook Messenger in Computer

As you know, you have to download another app (Messenger) to chat on Facebook. But if you want to use Messenger App on Facebook then you can use it. Just follow steps.

1. Open Messenger.com

2. After opening this just click on Continue as

3. Now you can use Messenger on your PC

Download Facebook Videos

As you know, you can upload a video on Facebook and also can watch. But if you want to download it then definitely you can download it. I told you about a YouTube Video Downloader app in a previous Article. You can download Facebook, Instagram and Hotstar video with this app. Just copy the video link that you want to download on Facebook and paste on this App. If you want to download video from Computer then you can use this App’s official Website to download Downloader for Computer.

Write colorful status on Facebook

If you want to write colorful status on Facebook then you can easily do this. You just have to type status in the status section and you will see a color option below. Choose anyone and click on the post.

Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger 

Recently Facebook provides us with the Dark mode feature on Facebook App. Before enabling it, Make sure you have an updated Facebook Messenger. Just open your Facebook messenger and tap on your profile Icon. And you will see the Dark Mode option on 1st position. Just tap on it and it will be enabled.  

Disable AutoPlay Videos

Whenever we open Facebook the video runs itself. Not that we’re having trouble but it also takes unnecessary internet data. If it also bothers you then you can disable AutoPlay video now.

1. Go to the Facebook settings

2. Select video option

3. And now turn off AutoPlay Settings

4. After turning off this, only when you tap the video are played. 

Convert News Feed into Most Recent

Whenever we open Facebook's front page. We only can see popular stories and status. But if you want you can see Most Recent instead of News Feed.  

1. Open your Facebook in Computer

2. In the left side bar, Click on 3 dots in front of the News Feed. 

3. A small popup window will be open. Select Most Recent

Delete Facebook sent message for Both

Many people use Facebook for chatting. But many times we send someone the wrong message by mistake. Recently Facebook added a new feature. You can delete sent messages for both. Just long tap on the message that you want to delete then it will show an option named Delete just click on this. After clicking on this it will show you two options: Delete for You and Delete for Everyone. Just click on Delete For Everyone and it will be deleted from both sides.

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