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Hello friends…!!  You must have gotten bored using old operating systems or Maybe viruses affect your Windows and you want to format your PC. But many people don't know how to format PCs and Install Windows 10. People think it is very difficult to install new windows on PC. But I assure you that it is very simple. You will Install Windows 10 on your PC easily after reading this article. Because Today I’m going to tell you how you can Install Windows 10 on your PC. You just have to follow simple these steps.

How to Install Windows 10

Before, I tell you to Install Windows 10. I want to talk about PC basic recruitment to Install Windows.

1GHz Processor 

 1 GB Ram for 32 bit and 2 GB Ram for 64 bit

Minimum 16 GB HardDisk

First You need a Bootable PenDrive or Bootable Dvd to Install Windows 10 on your PC. If you don’t know how to make bootable PenDrive. Then click on this link to see tutorial. How to Make Bootable PenDrive

1.After creating a bootable PenDrive or bootable Dvd insert it and restart your PC. 

2. After restarting please open Boot Manager (Acer-F12, ASUS-F8, Dell-F12, Toshiba-F12, HP-ESC, Sony-F2) and select USB Drive or Dvd drive to Boot. Your PC will boot, and you can see the Windows starting logo. It will take a few seconds.


3. After a few seconds you will see a Windows Setup window. Just click on Next.

4. After this, You will see an option named Install Now. Just click on it.

5. It will ask you for a Product Key. If you have a Product Key then give this and click on Next. Otherwise, click on Skip.

6. After this, it will ask you to accept their License. Then check on I accept it and click on Next. 

7. After this, it will give you two options. Upgrade Install or Custom Install and you have to  click on Custom Install.

8. After this, The drive details will be opened. If you want to delete any partition then you can click on delete or If you want to create a partition then click on New and put your New Partition size(You have to put volume in MegaByte) and click on Apply.

9. After creating partition. Choose the partition where you want to Install your Windows 10 and click on Next



10. It will take 15 to 20 minutes. And Your Windows will be installed. After Installation complete. Your PC will be restarted.

11. After restarting Computer, it will ask you for the Product Key again. If you have then enter and click on Next or If you don’t have then Click on Do This Later.

12. After this, it will ask you to set some settings. Just Click on Use Express Settings.

13. After this, it will ask you to give Username and password. Fill this and click on Next.

14. After this, It will show you congratulation’s Windows. That means Your Windows has been installed. After a few seconds Your DeskTop will be opened.

I hope You like this Article. If you like this, or you have any suggestion please tell me in the comment section.

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