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Hello Friends..! You must be using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a common social media App that you will get inside every person’s phone in India. But there is news from WhatsApp that you will be surprised as soon as you hear it. WhatsApp changed his Privacy Policies. It will be implemented from 8 February. And WhatsApp also said that he will close the user WhatsApp account who will refuse to accept his new policies term and condition. Users have to share their WhatsApp account details with Facebook. Let us know about WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp Users will have to Share Personal Information with Facebook

You must be scared after hearing to share personal information with Facebook. But WhatsApp explained this through his Blog that Users have to share their details with Facebook in the new Privacy Policy. According to the WhatsApp blog many businesses trust to communicate with his customers. We work with these businesses who use Facebook or third party App to make better communication with their customers. For this, Users must have to share their transaction data and IP deal information. 

According to WhatsApp New Privacy Policy, The data that will be shared by users including Account Information, Messages connections, WhatsApp status Information. Device’s details, Location and transaction etc. All these knowledges will be shared with Facebook or any other Services. The Company also explained that only users' messages' connections will be shared, message details will not be shared. That means the user's message will be fully safe. 

WhatsApp also announced that Users have time till 8 February to accept the New Privacy Policy. That means You will have to accept this Policy till 8 February. If you don’t accept this Privacy Policy that your WhatsApp account would be closed. I hope you like this article. So what do you think about WhatsApp's new Privacy Policy? Please tell me in The comment section.

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