Windows 10 Home Vs Pro


Windows 10 Home Vs Pro

Hello Friends. Windows 10 is the most advanced and secure operating system. It comes in various 

versions like Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home , Windows 10 Enterprises etc. Many people want to 

use the Windows 10 operating system. But they are confused about which one is better, Windows 10 

 Pro or Home. So today I’m going to share with you a small comparison of Windows 10 Home Vs Pro. But Before we talk about Windows 10 Home Vs Pro. First, we should know about Windows 10 Pro

and Home

Windows 10 Pro

 Windows 10 Pro is for small businesses and people who need security and functionality.  It’s good for small and medium business purposes with little or no technical support who want to protect data.

Windows 10 Home

If you use your device for using the internet, checking email, streaming then Windows 10 home is right 

for you. Windows 10 Home has a collection of universal apps and features that you can use across 

platforms with Microsoft Account on Windows compatible Device.

Small Comparison between Windows 10 Pro and Home

Windows 10 Home Vs Pro

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Extra Features you get in Windows 10 Pro

Remote Desktop

In Windows 10 Home you can start a Remote Desktop session but you can’t remotely control your PC 

from another device on your network natively. But if you are using Windows 10 Home or planning to use Windows 10 Home then there are many alternatives of Remote Desktop like TeamViewer you could try. 


If you worry about security and want to secure your data from intruders. Then BitLocker provides full 

encryption so you can keep protecting your data. BitLocker also allows for the encryption of individual 

files for flexibility than the all or nothing approach of the previous version. If your device is lost or stolen then BitLocker go to put everything on lockdown, so nobody else can access your data. 

Trusted Boot

It protects your computer from rootkits with secure Boot to help keep your system malware free by 

checking every component of the starting process. 


If you are going to purchase Windows 10 Pro then you will get approx. 4200 Rs of Windows 10 Pro 

Retail Pack. and if you are going to buy Windows 10 Home then you will get approx. 3000 Rs.

This is a small comparison of Windows 10 Home Vs Pro. I hope, You like this article. If you have any suggestion please comment.

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