Windows 10 Pro Features


Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Microsoft. Windows 10 is making its grip faster across the world. And Microsoft claims that 15 million people install Windows 10 in one day. Older versions of Windows run mainly on Desktop and Laptop. But the Windows 10 has been designed to run on the Tablet evenly. Microsoft launched Windows 10 on 10 July 2015. It comes in Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows S, Windows 10 Mobile etc. so let’s talk about some Windows 10 Pro Features.


#1 Cortana

This is a virtual assistant of Windows 10 just like Google Now and Siri. You can talk with Cortana just like you talk with Google Now and Siri. You can also open any software on your computer and also can search anything on the internet with Cortana.


#2 Multiple Desktop

You can use many program in one time with the help of this feature. You can create multiple desktops with the help of this feature. Just click on the Task View and create multiple desktop as you need. 


#3 Notifications & Actions

You can get notifications on your screen on your Computer just like Apple and Android. Go to Settings>> System>> Notification & Action. You can manage your notifications from here.


#4 Your Phone

This feature comes with Latest update of Windows 10. If you want to use this feature then make sure you have updated Windows 10. You can get all mobile notifications (including Call and Message) on your Computer with the help of this feature. You can also make a call and receive a call from your Computer.


#5 Tablet Mode

If you have a touch screen Laptop then you can use Tablet Mode very easily. And if you have a Tablet then you can use Laptop Mode on your Tablet.


#6 Personalize Computer

You can personalize your Windows on Windows 10. You can set Start screen like on Windows 8 instead of the start menu. You can also change Windows Layout color. 


#7 Windows Hello Biometric Authentication

You can set your face and Voice as a password with the help of this feature. Well I think this is an amazing feature given by Microsoft. 


#8 Microsoft Edge

New Microsoft Edge browser hitting hard Google Chrome, Firefox etc. This browser has the Right on Web feature. You can customize any article like edit, highlights as you need with the help of this feature. You will get much better experience on this Edge version.

#9 Start Menu

Where does the start screen use to launch Windows 8 application windows 10 has represented the traditional start menu. It makes it easy to search for important application.


#10 Inbuilt Apps

Windows 10 comes with some inbuilt apps like Calendar, Photos, Your Phone, Tv, OneDrive etc. people can work on Mobile with the help of these apps.

 I hope you like these Top 10 Windows 10 Pro Features. If you have any suggestion please comment us.

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