Windows 10 Restore from Backup

 Hello Friends. Many people use Windows on their Computer. But if we have genuine Windows or premium software then we worry about losing our Windows data or any other type of data. To avoid this trouble we take Windows System Backup so that we can restore our precious data when our Windows gets crashed or if we face some bug and error. It is very easy to take System Backup and restore. I told you about taking Windows System Backup in a previous article. If you want to know how to take Windows System Backup then click on this link. Windows 10 System Backup 

Today I’m going to tell you how you can Restore Windows From Backup. It is very easy. You just have to follow few simple steps:

Before restoring you need System Repair Disc because if your Windows is able to start then you can restore from settings but if your Windows is unable to start then you have to boot with System repair Disc then you have to restore that’s why I’m going to tell you Create System Repair Disc first


Create System Repair Disc

For Creating System Repair Disc Just go to Control Panel > Backup And Restore (Windows 7), Click on the link at the upper left named Create a System Repair Disc. After clicking it will ask you for DVD Disc (Note - You can create a System Repair Disc only in DVD not in any other external Device) just insert your blank DVD and click on Create Disc. it will take a few times and your Disc will be created.



Restore Windows from Backup

Before doing this, Make sure your external device should be connected where you put your Backup media. Start your PC and click on Settings >Update & Security>Recovery. You will see the Restart Now button in the Advance startup section, just click on it and your computer will be restarted.


After restarting you will see some options just go to Troubleshoot > Advanced Option > System Image Recovery. After clicking on it, follow the prompt windows 10 to restore your Image file. After clicking on Windows 10 it will automatically search your Backup image file. After this click on next and it will restore your image file.

If your Windows is unable to load then boot your Computer with System repair Disc. and when you see Windows 10 install option on screen then you also can see the repair option down the left corner, click on it and follow these same steps. I hope this article helps you. Please tell me in the comment section if it helps you. 

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