Windows Password Forgot


Windows Password Forgot

Hello Friends..! Do you use windows 10 and forgot your user password and you want to reset your Windows password without losing any data. As we know Windows is popular around us for its excellence features. We use passwords on our system to secure our important data. But sometimes people forget their password and can’t access his System. And they feel frustrated because they want to lose Important data. Today I’m going to show you how you can reset your windows password in a few simple steps. You can use this trick in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

First of all before applying this trick you need a Bootable Pendrive (You can also use a Bootable Dvd if You have). If you know how to make Bootable Pendrive then that’s good. But If You don’t know just click on this link Make Bootable Pendrive

Reset Password 

1.   First of all insert your Bootable Pendrive into your system and restart.

2.   After restarting System open your Bios and Select Boot with USB drive

3.   After a few seconds, You will see this Windows. Just click on “Next”.

Windows Password Forgot

4.   After this Click on “Repair Your Computer”.

Windows Password Forgot

5.   After this click on “Troubleshoot”.

Windows Password Forgot

6.   And After this click on “Advanced Options”.

Windows Password Forgot

7.   Then click on “Command Prompt”.

Windows Password Forgot

8.   Command Prompt will be open. Type Command “C:” and press enter.

9.   After this type command “CD WINDOWS” and press enter.

10.   After this type command “CD SYSTEM32” and press enter.

11.   After this type command “Copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe” and press enter.

12.   And now type command “Copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe” and press enter.

13.   Now type command “del utilman.exe” and press enter

14.   After this type command “cmd.exe utilman.exe” and press enter.

15.   After this type command “Exit” and press enter. And restart your computer.

16.   After restarting completely, You will see the login panel again. You will see an icon on the down left corner named Ease of Access. Click on it. Your command prompt will be open.

17. Type command “Control userpasswords2” and press enter. After this a small window will be open.

18. You will see an option in that small window named Reset Your Password. Click on this and reset your password just by entering a new password. After entering a new password click on ok button and exit command prompt.

And Your Password has been changed successfully. Now You can log in with your new password.

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