10 Best Gmail Advanced Tips and Tricks 2021

Best Gmail Advanced Tips and Tricks 2021


Hello Friends. Gmail is a very famous email service provider. Nowadays, everyone uses Gmail to send and receive mail. Gmail provides us amazing features which make a better user experience. Today I’m going to share with you a 10 Best Gmail effectively advanced tips and tricks which you should know if you are using Gmail. After knowing these Gmail tips and tricks I assure you, You will be an expert of Gmail. 


#1 Increase Time of UNDO Send

We use “Undo Send” features when we send someone an email by mistake. We stop to reach email in the receiver inbox with the help of this feature. By default, Google gives us only 5 second to undo email, but we can increase this time up to 30 second. For this, You have to go into the Gmail setting and click on General Tab. Go on the Undo Send menu in General Tab and select new time and click on Save changes. 

Best Gmail Advanced Tips and Tricks 2021

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#2 Move To Tab

Gmail gives different categories’ Tab for all types of email like Primary and Social. If your mail goes in unnecessary tab where you don't want to keep it then you can move very easy to any tab. Right click on the mail which you want to move and go on Move to Tab option and select Tab where you want to move. Now all mails coming from this email id which you moved will be visible in the selected Tab. 



#3 Confidential Mode

This feature is very important for your Gmail privacy. Email receivers can’t copy, print and forward email if you use this feature. You can also set the email expiry date in this Confidential Mode. For using this feature, click on Compose then click on “Turn Confidential Mode On/Off”. A new dialogue box will be opened, and now you can set an expiry date. You can also set a pass code to secure email. 


Best Gmail Advanced Tips and Tricks 2021

#4 Schedule Email

You can set a timer to send email later with the help of this feature. For this, compose an email and after completing click on the drop-down arrow beside the Send button then click on Schedule Send. A small dialogue box will be opened, and now you can set date and time for Schedule Send email. 


#5 Sign in to Multiple Account in Gmail

If you have multiple Gmail accounts then you have to face trouble to use all Gmail accounts at the same time. Because you have to sign in and sign out again and again. But now you can sign in with multiple Gmail accounts in one browser.

Step #1. Open Google and sign in with your Google account.

Step #2. Now click on the profile icon in the upper right corner. And click on add another account in the drop-down menu and sign in with another account. 

Step #3. Now go to Gmail. And if you want to use multiple accounts then you can directly switch one to another account just click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select the account in the drop-down menu.


#6 Import Email and Contacts

If you want to switch other email services to Gmail then you can do it very easily, and you can transfer all your mail to your new Gmail account very easily. Your all mail will be forward for 30 days so that you can get time to tell everyone about your new Gmail account. For importing Emails and Contacts

Step #1. Click on Gmail settings then click on Account and Import. 

Step #2. After this, click on import mails and contacts in account and import.

Step #3. Now fill your old Email details that you want to import and select what you want to import. And your email and contacts will be important.


Best Gmail Advanced Tips and Tricks 2021

#7 Set Gmail Theme

If you are bored, use Gmail in one user interface then don’t worry. Now you can change the theme of your Gmail account very easily. For this, go to the Gmail setting and click on theme then click on Set Theme. And now choose the theme which you want to apply and click on the Save button.


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#8 Send Big Files

As you know, We can send files on Gmail only up to 25 MB. But if you want to share a big file from 25 MB then you have to upload this file in Google Drive and share the download link in your email. You can share up to 10 GB of files from Google Drive.

#9 Remote sign out

If you sign in into your Gmail account on a public computer and forget to sign out. Then you can easily remote sign out your Gmail account from anywhere. For this, sign in with your Gmail account which you want to remotely sign out. Scroll down the page and click on details beside the Last account activity in the down right corner. A small window will be opened. Click on Sign out all Other Session button. 


#10 Google Calendar

If you use Gmail daily then this feature is very useful for you. You can add Google Calendar in your account. This is a feature of Google Labs. For adding this, go to Gmail setting then go Labs. And enable the calendar from here and click on Save. 


These are some Gmail best tips and tricks. I hope you like it. If you like this article please share with your friends and comment if you have any suggestions. 

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