Bluetooth Not Working Windows 10 Suddenly Stopped


Hello Friends. Bluetooth is a very famous method where you can pair your computer with different Bluetooth devices like Smartphone, Headphone, Mouse and Keyboard. What if you want to connect your computer with mouse and keyboard or want to share an important file immediately and suddenly Bluetooth just stopped working. Don’t worry, read this article and I assure you that after reading this article, you can easily fix your Bluetooth. Because, today I am going to tell you how you can fix Bluetooth not working on Windows 10. Just follow simple steps.


Bluetooth Not Working Windows 10

It could be frustrating when Bluetooth doesn't work properly. I will try to fix your issues. Before, I tell you the solution please make sure your system has Bluetooth. This sound might be silly, but it is easy to mistake that the device has Bluetooth. For checking it, check the product specification of your device or look for Bluetooth logo on device or device packaging. After checking this, just follow these simple steps.


Enable Bluetooth Support Service

To enable Bluetooth Support Service go to the search bar and type Service and click on it. 

1. After opening it, find Bluetooth Support Service and open it by double-clicking on it.

2. If you can see status type Manual/Disable then click on Stop in service status section.

3. After this, click on start type and select Manual/Disable to Automatic and click on Okay. 

4. Restart your computer and your Bluetooth will work properly.


Ensure Bluetooth is on

Many times it happens when we try to pair or transfer something on Bluetooth, and we don’t get notice that our Bluetooth is off. That’s what please make sure your Bluetooth is on. Go to Settings>>Devices>>Bluetooth & Other Devices. And check your Bluetooth is on or off. If it is off then on it.

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Update Bluetooth Driver

Many times we disable our Windows update setting that’s why necessary drivers can’t update. We have to update it manually. So if our system Bluetooth is not working then we should update the Bluetooth driver manually at once. 

For this go to search and type Device Manager and click to open it. After opening Device Manager, click on Bluetooth and your Bluetooth drive will be open. 

Right click on Bluetooth driver and click on update.

 A new small window will be open. Just click on Automatically Update driver.

 It will take time and your Bluetooth driver will be updated. After updating successfully, restart your computer and now you can use your Bluetooth. 

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If your system shows The Best Driver for your device is already installed. Then click on Search for update driver on Windows update given below. And you have to resume your Windows update and it will automatically search and update the best driver for your Bluetooth. After updating this, you can disable your Windows update settings. 


Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Windows gives you troubleshooting features for all devices. So if your Bluetooth is not working properly then you can run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter. It will detect if your Bluetooth has any problem and try to repair them. 

To run it, go to settings>>update and security>>Troubleshoot>>Bluetooth>>Run the Troubleshooter.


Reinstall Bluetooth Version

Sometimes Bluetooth drivers corrupt that’s why it can’t update and not also work properly. In this situation, we have to reinstall the Bluetooth version. 

For this, go to the Device Manager and right click on Bluetooth Driver then click on Properties.


A small window will be open and click on Details. After this click on property in the Details section and click on Hardware Ids.

 just copy the first detail. 

And search it on google. Download this driver and install. After installation complete restart your computer and your Bluetooth will work properly

I hope your like this article and your problem Bluetooth Not working Windows 10 would be fixed. If you have any computer or Android related problem then you can DM us on Instagram. We will feel happy to solve your problem. 

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