What is Difference Between CPU and GPU Architecture


Difference Between CPU and GPU

Hello Friends. CPU and GPU are an important part of the computer system, but they work for different purposes. CPU is a microprocessor which is used for executing instructions given by program like input, output and computing. We know the CPU (Central Processing Unit) as the brain of a computer. But GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is used for rendering 3D graphics high resolution images, videos and Games. So today, I’m going to share with you What is the Difference between CPU and GPU.


What is CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU is a microprocessor chip which is made from millions of transistors, the CPU has multiple cores, and it is known as the brain of computers. CPU runs the operating system and software. It has ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) which is used for storing data temporarily and also used for computation. It also has CU (Control Unit) which serializes instructions. Many years ago CPUs had one core. But now it is common to have at least two core processors in a single CPU. A CPU with two core processors called dual-core and with 4 core processors called quad-core. 

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What is GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

GPU is also a processor which is designed for rendering high resolution images and video. GPUs have their own RAM which we know as VRAM. GPU provides the fastest graphics processing for games and high resolution animation editing. GPU made up of many smaller and specialization cores. It contains more ALU as compared to CPU(Central Processing Unit). GPUs are more popular for artificial intelligence. GPUs are specially designed for rendering 3D graphics. GPUs are more flexible and programmable. That’s why GPUs provide amazing visual effects and realistic scenes with advanced lighting and shadow techniques.  


Difference Between CPU and GPU

There is a few difference between CPU and GPU given below.


Serial no




CPU full form Central Processing Unit.

GPU full form Graphical Processing Unit.


It consumes more memory than GPU.

It consumes less memory than CPU.


It has less speed than GPU.

It is faster than the CPU.


It has several cores.

It has many cores.


The CPU is good for serial processing.

GPU has parallel processing. 


The CPU has low latency.

GPUs have high throughput. 


It is used for wide range processing.

It is used for rendering 3D graphics.

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CPU and GPU both are different devices. Both have different work and both have the same importance. It can’t be replaced any device to another device because no device is relevant to other area work devices. 

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