Difference Between Windows and Linux

Hello Friend. Operating System is a system software who manages your computer hardware and software. Operating System provides you a platform to operate your software. OS makes a connection between hardware and users. There are different types of Operating Systems available in the market in which Windows and Linux is very famous. Many people use Windows and Linux, but there is a big Difference Between Windows and Linux. So today I’m going to tell you the Difference Between Windows and Linux. If we talk about the major Difference between Windows and Linux is its price. Linux is free but if you want to use Windows then you have to purchase a Windows License key. Before we talk about the Differences between Windows and Linux. We have to know about Windows and Linux first.


What is Windows

Windows is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) operating system developed by Microsoft company. It helps users to use files, folders, and the internet on their computer. Windows is designed for both home use and professional use by Microsoft. 

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What is Linux

Linux is an operating system just like Windows, Vista and Mac OS. It is a CUI (Character User Interface) operating system. This is an open source operating system. Linux is everywhere, from smartphones to cars, supercomputers and home appliances. Even Android is also powered by the Linux operating system. Linux is known for security purposes. And it is also used for Server. Linux is one of the most reliable, free and secure operating systems.

Difference between Windows and Linux

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It is not open source.

It is open source.


Windows has a Micro Kernel.

Linux has a monolithic Kernel.


Windows is a GUI OS.

Linux is a CUI operating system.


Windows are less efficient as compared to Linux.

Linux provides more security as compared to Windows.


You have to purchase a License to use Windows.

Linux is free.


Windows does not provide much hacking efficiency.

Linux is used for hacking purposes.


It’s files name is case-insensitive.

It’s files name is case-sensitive. 

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