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Google Drive Tips and Tricks

Google Drive is an online cloud storage service provided by Google where you can upload and keep your data safe easily. Many times we lost our data from phones and computers for some reason. So we can use online storage to get rid of losing data. In this case Google Drive is a better option. It gives us 15 GB free storage. Many people use Google Drive, and maybe you’re also using it. But do you know about all the Google Drive tricks and tricks. Today I’m going to share with you top 11 Google Drive tips and tricks that make your Google Drive use much easier. And I assure that after reading this article, you will be a Google Drive master.


Copy Text from Photo

Google Drive Tips and Tricks

If you want to copy text from any photo then you can easily do this from Google Drive. Just upload a photo on Google Drive which text you want to copy. And right-click on the file that you uploaded and click on open with then click Google Docs. It will be open in Google Docs and your text will be shown below. You can copy text from here and use it where you want it. 

Google Drive Tips and Tricks


Offline Google Maps

If you are going to such a place where you can’t access the internet, and you desperately need Google Maps then don’t worry. You can easily use Google Map offline, and you can store your offline custom Map on Google Drive. Open Google Drive and go to Drive>> More>> Google Map. you can easily customize your map here and save it.

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Find all Google Drive Shortcuts

Google Drive has many keyboard shortcuts to make your use much easier. You can easily find these all shortcuts. Just go to Google Drive and press “CTRL + /” and you will be able to see all Google Drive keyboard shortcuts.


Translate Documents

You can translate your whole document in Google Drive in just a single click. Upload your file in Google drive and open it via open with>> Google Docs. After opening your document on Google Docs, just click on Tool and then click on Translate Document. Choose your language in which you want to translate. And your document will be translated.


Drag and Drop to upload Document

If you have files to upload then you don’t need to click on select files from the computer and then upload. You can easily drag and drop to upload your files on Google Drive as you drag and drop your files in the Computer folder to copy and paste. If you want to upload files in a particular folder in Google Drive then just open this folder and drag and drop your files in this folder and your files will be uploaded. 

Add shortcuts to Drive

If you uploaded important files in a folder. And you want to access this file immediately and don’t want to waste your time searching this file then don’t worry. You can easily create and file shortcuts in Google Drive. Just right click on that file you want to create a shortcut and click on Add shortcut to Drive. And select the path where you want to create and your shortcut will be created. 


Share Document Link

If you want to send or share large files with someone then you can easily share with Google Drive without messing with permission. Just upload the file you want to share or send. After uploading, right click on that file and then click on Share. After opening the small window, click on Get Link . click on Copy Link and send whom you want to share the file.


Save a Screenshot or Web content in Google Drive

If you want to save screenshot or Web content no matter how long it is long then install Save toGoogle Drive on Chrome Extension. Go to the page you want to save and click on the extension in the chrome toolbar. And a screenshot of the page will appear in your Google Drive in a few moments. 


Change Folder Color

If you get bored of watching the same color of your Google Drive folder then you can change your folder color very easily. Just right click on the folder which you want to change color. And click on Change Color. Choose your color and your folder color will be changed. 

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Play Music from Google Drive

You can definitely play your stored Google Drive music. Just download Music Player for Google Drive. For playing music from Google Drive, you just have to right click on your music folder in Google Drive and have to select this Music Player. 


Send and Receive fax from Computer

That time went when you needed a Fax machine to send or receive fax. Now you can online send or receive fax easily. Just download the hellofax application from chrome. It will be linked with your Google Drive very easily. You can send 50 fax pages free in a month with the help of this application. 

I hope you like these Google Drive tips and tricks. If you like this please share with your friend and comment. If you have any computer or android related problem then please DM us. Our team will feel honor to help you.  

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