How to See Saved Password on Chrome

How to See Saved Password on Chrome

Hello Friends. You would be using Google Chrome browser.  And you would use Chrome browser to login on multiple sites like Gmail or Facebook, where they ask you to fill email and password or user id and password. And you fill your id and password, and you click Save for future. But there are many times it happens we forgot our user id or password. You have to face trouble resetting the password or finding the password. In this condition You can easily See Saved Password on Google Chrome. So Today I’m going to share with you how you can See Saved Password on Google Chrome, and you can also remove it, if you want. You can use this trick not only in the Desktop version but also on Android and iOS Chrome. Just follow some simple steps to find and remove saved passwords.

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How to find Saved Password on Chrome in Desktop

Step1. First, You need to open your Google Chrome

Step2. Home screen page will be displayed in Chrome. Click on the 3 vertical dots that you can see in the upper right corner of the Chrome screen.

Step3. After clicking on 3 vertical dots, click on Settings.

Step4. Settings will be displayed on Chrome screen, Type Password in search bar and click on search.

Step5. Password options will be displayed in the Autofill section, Just click on it. New window will be opened, and now you can see all passwords that have been saved on Google Chrome.

Step6. At last, just click on the Eye icon to see password (Note- after clicking on Eye icon, it will ask for Windows password. Fill your Windows password and your password will be displayed that you want to see.).

Step7. If you want to remove the password then click on 3 vertical dots that you can see after the Eye icon. Then click on remove password and your password will be deleted.

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How to find saved password on Chrome in Android and iOS

Step1. Go to Chrome in your Android and iOS.

Step2. Click on 3 vertical dots, and then Settings.

Step3. After this, You will see the Password option. Just tap on it, and now you are able to see all saved passwords on your Chrome.

Step4. Now tap on the password that you want to see then tap on the Eye icon to see the password.

Step5. It will ask for a phone pin or fingerprint access to see the password. Give this and your password will be displayed. You also can delete your saved password from here.

I hope you learn that How you can See Saved Password on Chrome. If you like this article then comment and share this article with your friends.

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