How to Make Own Picture WhatsApp Sticker

How to Make Own Picture WhatsApp Sticker

Hello Friends. WhatsApp is a very famous social messaging app where you can chat, send pictures, stickers and many things. But what if I tell you that you can Make own picture WhatsApp sticker. Yes, definitely you can do this. Today I am going to share with you an easy trick that How you can make own picture WhatsApp sticker, and you can share with your friends and relatives. You just need to follow a few simple steps to make your own picture WhatsApp sticker.

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How to Make Own Picture WhatsApp Sticker


#1 For making your own picture WhatsApp sticker, you need to go on PlayStore and download Sticker Maker App Wasticker.

#2 Open App and tap on the pencil icon on the upper side. After tapping on the Pencil icon, give a name to your sticker pack.

#3 Now when you tap on create sticker then your Gallery will be open. Now you can choose your picture which you want to make a sticker. 

#4 You will get shape, text and sticker types of options where you can edit your sticker. 

#5 Tap on save, after editing your sticker. And your sticker will be saved. Now you can share this sticker with your friends and relatives. 


WhatsApp Launching Soon this Feature

WhatsApp new beta version has come for iOS. Where the Log out feature has been given. This is a part of a multi device support feature. Users can delete WhatsApp accounts from different different devices with the help of this feature. In a Demo video shows how this feature will work. According to that video, this feature will be present instead of Account option in link devices. 

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How it will work

After launching this feature, users can use their WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time, and you don’t need to log out your account for this. Users can use WhatsApp accounts on 4 devices, and you don’t need the internet active in primary devices for this. If we talk about the Log out feature then users can Log out WhatsApp account from which device they want. I hope users don't have to wait too much for this feature.

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