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Sandesh App Govt of India

Hello Friends. WhatsApp is a very famous social messaging App in India. We use this application to chat with our friends and relatives. To make a better user experience, WhatsApp is adding new features in their App daily. But a new social messaging App has come to compete with WhatsApp. This App is launched by the Government of India named Sandesh. Currently, this application is in testing mode, and it’s being used by few Indian Officers. But it will be launched for all people after completing testing mode. Central Minister Ravi Shankar announced last year that they will bring a new social messaging app like WhatsApp which is also visible now. Recently WhatsApp is facing contrast in all over the world because of his new WhatsApp Privacy that’s why a million of people started to join Telegram and Signal App. In this situation Sandesh App can attract people because this app is made in India, and it will give a better user experience to users.

If we talk about Sandesh App, You can go on the official website “” for more information. For user privacy, OTP features have been used in this App. 

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App Design And Logo

If we talk about Sandesh App design and logo then The Indian national symbol Ashoka Chakra has been used in this App logo. A 3 layer color of Indian flag is available inside this logo. Sandesh Application will be managed by National Informatics Center which belongs to Electronic and Information Technology Ministry. Sandesh App will be available for both Android and iOS.

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Sandesh App Features

If we talk about Sandesh App features, people can use this app chatting and voice calling just like WhatsApp. Users can sign in to the Sandesh App in 3 ways sign In-LDAP, Sign in- OTP and Sign in Sandesh Web. Currently, only few government officers can sign in because this App is in testing mode. And soon it will be available for all users. 

According to a report Sandesh App will be available for both Android and iOS. Well I think Sandesh App could be the best alternative to WhatsApp. But millions of people use WhatsApp in India. And how they will come on this App would be interesting to see. I hope, You like this Article. join Instagram and twitter for latest tech update.

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