Top 5 Best Festival Wishing Script for Blogger Free Download

Hello Friends. In this article I am going to share with you the Top 5 best WhatsApp Viral festival Wishing Script free for Blogger. If you want to make a festival wishing Website and earn 100 to $150 from one wishing website, then you must have to read this article carefully. Because I’m going to give you these top 5 wishing scripts for Bloggers fully. So read this article completely and comment if you face any trouble related to this script. 


Top 5 Best Viral Festival Wishing script for Blogger

Friend, I’m going to give you a top 5 viral script download link. You just need to copy all code and paste it in the theme HTML editor. You just have to edit these scripts a little like title, URL and quotes. There is one thing you have to do, before pasting your codes in the theme section. Please convert your theme Revert to Classic by clicking on the down arrow. 

If you have a little knowledge of HTML coding then you can easily do this. So friends, there is nothing in installing these scripts on Blogger. All you have to do that’s a SEO of these scripts. If you want to viral these scripts you just have to share your script Website as much as you can. I will also tell you in this article, how you can viral these festival wishing scripts. 

#1 Download Holi Wishing Script free For Blogger

 Click Here to Generate Download Link

#2 Download Navratri Wishing Script free For Blogger

Click Here to Generate Download Link

#3 Download Independence Day Wishing Script free For Blogger

Click Here to Generate Download Link

#4 Download Diwali Wishing Script free For Blogger

Click Here to Generate Download Link

#5 Download Love Calculator Script free For Blogger

Click Here to Generate Download Link

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Tool Website Script

Friend, if you want to make a tool website and earn 100 to $150 in a month, then I shared on my website, How you can create YouTube HD thumbnail downloader tool website on Blogger and also provided a free tool script. If you didn't read that article then the link is given below. Click on this link and read this tutorial step by step to make your own tool website. 

Click Here: How to Create YouTube HD Thumbnail Downloader Tool Website and Free download script

And if you are planning to make a tool website or any website then you can buy a domain on a cheap price from the given link below. 

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How to Viral Festival Wishing Script Website

It is very easy to make a festival wishing Website on Blogger. All you need to do is just copy all codes and paste in the theme editor section on Blogger and your wishing website is ready. But it is a little tough to viral script but don’t worry, I am going to give you a solution.

Just go on Google search engine and search the Latest WhatsApp Group. You will get many websites on Google who provide you WhatsApp Group joining links. Join those groups using this link and share your Wishing Website on those WhatsApp groups. After sharing, you can leave groups. If you want then you can also join Facebook groups and share your Wishing Website.


AdSense Approval on Festival Wishing Website

It is a little difficult to get AdSense approval on Festival Wishing Website. If you already have an AdSense account then you can add subdomain and add your AdSense ad code on this Wishing Website of your approved AdSense domain. But it is a higher chance to block your AdSense account after doing this. Otherwise, you can use AdSense's best alternatives like ProAds and Adsterra.



In this article, I told you about Top 5 Best Festival Wishing Scripts for Bloggers. If you like this article then please share with your friends. And if you are facing any trouble during installation of these Script then comment, or you can DM us on Instagram. Our team will help you shortly. We also are working on Ramadan Wishing Script for Bloggers and Christmas Wishing Script Bloggers. We will also share these scripts with you as soon as possible. Join us on Instagram for the latest update. Thank You.

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