How to Find Location of Email Sender in Gmail


How to Find Location of Email Sender in Gmail

Hello Friends… You must be using Gmail. Many times you get an email from an unknown person or from a company, and you curiously want to know about his location. So you can know about his location very easily. Because, today I’m going to share with you the easiest way to find the location of email senders. Maybe you know about it but I’m pretty sure, many people would not know about these tricks. Before I start, let me tell you that there are 3 ways to know about the location of email senders.  


1. IP Address Tracking

2. Searching Email ID

3. From Facebook


How to Find the Location of Email Sender in Gmail

If someone is emailing you. Then try these easiest tricks to know his location and if it is any kind of company then you can also know the company name. 

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IP Address Tracking

Open email in Gmail which you want to find location. Click on 3 vertical dots on the right side beside email receiving time. And then click on Show Original. A new tab will be open where you can see the sender IP address. Just copy the IP address and go to Wolfram Alpha website and search this IP address. You will know their sender location and if this is a company then you will also know the company name. 


Searching Email ID

First, You need to go on pipl or Spokeo website and search email id on their search bar which location you want to know. You will get the sender location and also get many details.

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From Facebook

If someone is emailing you again, and again and you want to know about his location. Copy his email and search in Facebook search bar. If this user created Facebook from this email id then you will get all his details on Facebook. 


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