How to Monetize Your Facebook Videos With Facebook Ads

How to Monetize Your Facebook Videos With Facebook Ads

Hello Friends. Facebook is a very famous social networking site. And now Facebook is bringing the way of earnings for his users with the help of content. Yes, Users will be able to earn money soon by posting content on Facebook just like YouTube. But this facility only will be available for short video content creators. Facebook focused especially on short video content creators. Short Video content creators will be able to earn money through showing ads between his videos. So let’s talk about Facebook's upcoming Monetizing Features.

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Facebook Monetization Policy 2021

Facebook said, starting will be slightly shorter. And we expect that we will expand this feature soon for more content creators. So that maximum content creators can join this. Facebook also said, we also updated our in-stream eligibility. So that maximum content creators can reach our program. And the creator also can open in-stream advertising during live and also can expand online events for payment. 

And Facebook also updated his eligibility criteria. So that content creators can monetize their video with Facebook in-stream advertising. Facebook also said, the user will earn money after this new update. Creators have to make at least one-minute video for this. In which a minimum 30-second advertisement will run. If your video has a minimum 3 minute or more length then Facebook will run 45 seconds advertisements. Let me clear, you can earn money by creating 3 minutes videos or more. There is no money that can be earned from a one minutes video. 


Facebook Monetization Requirements

To get advertisement features on videos, creators have to complete 600000 watch times. And the creator's account must have 5 or more active videos.

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In this article I told you about Facebook new monetization features. If you are a content creator then this article really helps you. If you found this article really knowledgeable then definitely share with your friends and comment, if you have any suggestion, or you can DM us on Instagram.  

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