How to Create YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Tool Website in Blogger Free

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Website Tool


Hello Friends. YouTube is a one of the best video sharing websites where you share videos and music or enjoy videos and music. Many people use YouTube to share knowledge and for many things. And they have to make YouTube thumbnails for uploading professional videos. And if you are YouTubes then you also need to download YouTube thumbnails for posting on different social media networks. 

So today I’m going to tell you how you can create your own YouTube HD Thumbnails Downloader tool website on blogger in a few easy steps. I will share with you YouTube HD Thumbnails Downloader tool script and I will also tell you step by step how you can create this website. And I request you please read all steps to create successfully this YouTube Thumbnails Downloader tool website


How to Create YouTube Thumbnails Downloader Tool Website

Friends, if you don’t know what YouTube Thumbnail is then let me tell you. YouTube thumbnail’s is a quick snapshot of videos viewers can see when they browse on YouTube. So let's come to the point.

Before starting to create a YouTube thumbnailsTool website, you must have to create a blog on a blogger website. You need to go on and create a new blog. It is very simple to create a new blog on Blogger. After creating a blog and creating an address go to the theme section. Click on the down arrow and click on edit html in the drop down menu. Erase all code and download file given below. 

Click Here: Blank Template


Open and copy all code and paste inside the blogger theme editor and click on save. This is a blank template. After saving, you will see the Title, Description and Keyword tag in this code. Put all these details carefully to rank your YouTube thumbnail Tool website. And I would suggest, please research on your competitor website for tool website keywords. If you insert a variety of keywords in your tool website then you easily get more traffic on Google. 

After completing this task, go to Layout on the left side. Click on Add Gadget  and choose HTML/JavaScript. After choosing, download the file given below and copy all code and paste in this HTML/JavaScript section and save it.

Click Here: Main Body 

After this, download the file given below to make your YouTube thumbnails Downloader Tool user-interface attractive. This is a CSS code to make your tool website attractive. After downloading, copy all code and go to the layout, click on Add Gadget and choose again HTML/JavaScript and paste this code inside it and click save. After this, you can see your tool website design by clicking on View Blog.

Click Here: CSS File


After this, you need to implement JavaScript to make your tool website working. Download file given below. 

Click Here: Thumbnail JavaScript

Open this file and copy all code. Go to layout and click on Add gadget and choose HTML/JavaScript and then paste all code and click save. Now your Tool website is ready. Just copy any YouTube video URL and click the button to download HD thumbnails. But still you need to work on keywords and description to rank your tool website in Google. And I would suggest you to buy any kind of domain for your tool website. It will help you to rank on Google. 

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